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Re: Help me calculate an at home "maurten" drink (im bad at math) [DrAlexHarrison]
Dr. Harrison, I am curious on you take on nutrition for a 45 minute crit race. I rarely bring a full bottle, and use it more so for a dry mouth than nutrition itself. Good or bad? I saw you mention beetroot powder, and I have been experimenting with that as well, but struggle with the amount. I put a tablespoon or so in with a carnation instant breakfast drink to make it tolerable about 3 hours before my race, good or bad? My motto is, if I pee red it was enough, really have no clue and don't know the content of nitrate in the powder though. Would love to hear you suggestions for short intense racing. I am prone to kidney stones, and have noticed if I try to supplement beetroot several days in a row, my kidneys don't appreciate that. Thanks so much!
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