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Re: So it’s 14 degrees - treadmill ideas [Tri.Tony]
Tri.Tony wrote:
So it’s super cold this morning, I think it’s time for a treadmill. I’m not a huge treadmill guy, but would use it about 3 days a week in winter (I prefer to run outside).

How much or little can I spend and not have to freeze. Would love to keep it under $1k. Is this even realistic?

I'll go against the grain here and say:

1. Don't buy used. Been there twice, both times didn't work out, issues. Don't buy other people's problems.

2. If you aren't planning on doing a huge amount of long runs, but rather just shorter runs for cold weather days, there is absolutely no need to spend a ton. I bought a Sole F80, and honestly its overkill for the 30-40km I do on it a week (at most). I would go with a Sole F63 which is currently $999 in the US.

When folks talk about how their $2000 treadmill lasts 10+ years, well a $1000 treadmill can last that long too, and hey, if it doesn't, you'll have the $1000 you saved to buy a brand new one down the road...
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