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Re: Official 14th Annual 2020/2021 Slowtwitch 100/100 Challenge Thread [TRISandy]
TRISandy wrote:

You must be confusing me with a competitive top ultra runner..... :P

I never would have imagined I would get so much flack on ST for wanting to do more biking and swimming....

There are two places (well three...but, we don't talk about that OTHER one), on ST where you can be assured of getting flack:

1. The monthly fish thread for talking about running and/or biking without any swim context.
2. The 100/100 thread for talking about anything other than running.
3. again...we don't talk about that place.


In the 100/100 thread we do not acknowledge that running should be sacrificed in order to swim or bike. That goes triply for anyone who has a professed RUNNING goal!!!! I mean really, how did you expect a bunch of crazy runners to react when you tell us, "I've got a 50k I'm preparing for....so, I need to run less and swim/bike more."

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