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Re: Official 14th Annual 2020/2021 Slowtwitch 100/100 Challenge Thread [TRISandy]
TRISandy wrote:

I totally agree that this challenge could aid in the build towards a 50k, but for me trying to run 100 days straight in the lead up to an ultra would be a recipe for disaster. I joined this challenge with the goal to get the 2020 pandemic monkey off my back and get back into a regular training routine, but I now that a 50k on the horizon I have all the motivation I could need.

Fair enough....but, no one said you had to, or even should run 100 days in a row.

slowman wrote:

Accumulated Wisdom: This is year-14 of this Challenge. Much has been learned, good and bad.

- This is an exercise in who can whisper the loudest.
- Don't try to bank run sessions early. Just trust the process. You'll probably be more successful "banking" runs, as in, performing double runs, later in the Challenge rather than earlier.
- Take days off when you need to. As your fitness increases, you may find later in the Challenge you can run doubles. Most who hit their 100/100 do take rest days.

And a regular training program would probably still get you a bronze medal. At any rate, good luck with the 50k!

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