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Re: Official 14th Annual 2020/2021 Slowtwitch 100/100 Challenge Thread [devashish_paul]
I meant to post this at the start of December...

I was looking for a way to motivate myself to keep running this fall, so. I decided to try running 1k on Nov. 1, 2k on Nov. 2, 3k on Nov. 3, etc., adding one more kilometre of running each day, and seeing how far through the month I could get.

I got this idea from reading about 2018 Boston Marathon champ Des Linden doing it. Except she did it in October (31 days) and she did it in miles, not kilometres, which is totally studly.

On Nov. 1, off I went, running 1k – hey, this is easy! The next day I ran 2k, and made the biggest day-to-day increase, percentage-wise, of the month. When I told a running friend that I now had it in the bag, he smiled and said something like, “it doesn’t always work like that.”

The first week was easy, seven runs for a total of 28k. I even had time to squeeze in a 124k Saturday ride on my hybrid bike. I thought I might have blown it, as after that ride I was sore all over — hands, arms and shoulders as well as legs and butt. Fortunately it was just an 8k run the next day and things were fine.

The second week of 77k was also pretty easy, though the distance was adding up quickly. I started doing double runs, with longer runs in the morning.

On Sunday, Nov. 15, I did my longest run of the month, but just 15k. From then on it was double runs and four days of triple runs the rest of the way. Things were tough but manageable during the third week of 126k. As long as I ran at least half of the daily distance in the morning, I felt able to finish the rest of the day’s distance in the afternoon/evening. I did a couple runs at lunch, but most runs took place before or after work.

Staring Monday, Nov. 23, I ran the same 14k route first thing in the morning for the next eight days, then finished whatever distance needed to be done after work. Snowstorms on Nov. 23 and Nov. 25 made for poor footing and tough going, but those were the only two bad-condition runs of the month – overall we had an amazing November for running. The fourth week’s total was 177k, by far my biggest week ever, but I still needed to run 59k in the next two days.

During my noon run on Nov. 29 I felt for the first time that I would be able to get through the month, and indeed I did, doing a run in the afternoon and then three runs totalling 30k on Nov. 30. The total distance of 465k is by far the most I’ve ever run in a month.

A couple of thoughts:

  • I don’t know if Des Linden did them in October, but I couldn’t have completed this without doing double runs (and triples near the end of the month).
  • The weekly distances were 28k, 77k, 126k and 175k. Hmm, I’ll have to do some intricate calculations to see if that violates the “don’t increase your weekly distance by more than 10 per cent” rule.
  • This challenge is really back-end loaded (duh). After the run on Nov. 15, I was halfway through the month but had run barely 25 per cent of the distance. After 21 days of running, I had completed less than half the total distance. And after my morning run on Friday, Nov. 27, I had exactly 100 km left to run by end of day Monday.
  • I got to know the pavement on the west side of the Rideau Canal between Dow’s Lake and the Ottawa River really, really well – that’s where I did pretty much all of my runs.
  • The Slowtwitch 100 runs in 100 days challenge started Nov. 15. Since then, as every run of mine was 30 minutes or longer, I started logging my runs for that challenge. Despite running 35 times in the first 16 days of the challenge, I was only in 4th place out of 700+ participants in number of runs (though I did lead in both distance and time). There are some obsessive runners in this challenge ;-)
  • Other than the two runs the morning of the snowstorms, almost all my runs were between 4:35/k and 4:45/k – not super fast, but not dawdling along, either. I was kind of surprised that my pace didn’t slow down toward the end of the month. My fastest runs were the ones I did at noon. The ones I did in the dark always seemed faster than they actually were.
  • After running 7-14k pretty much every 12 hours for the last two weeks, I was looking forward to a few days off, but I wasn't sick of running. Toward the end, though, I was totally sick of showering and changing clothes. For the last three days of three runs/day, I gave up on both; after drying off after a run, I just changed into the next set of running clothes, then showered after the day’s last run.
  • This was a fun challenge but I can’t say I’d be in a hurry to do it again. But IF I tried it again, I guess I’d pick a month with 31 days, and I’d run 5k instead of 1k the first day, so the month’s total would be an even 500k.
I took one rest day on Dec. 1 but have been running every day since then, including a bunch of doubles in recent days. I am amazed at the number of people who are running multiple times per day. Well done to them and to everyone who is taking part in this year's challenge.
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