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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [ianpeace]
Hello Ian,

my name is Arne and I´m from Berlin/Germany.

I have a bike-fitting/size problem that may be also of general interest, so I post it here on the Forum.

I'm currantly riding a road-bike with clip-ons but looking forward to buying my first tri-bike early 2021.

On the Canyon Website (by numbers) I am exacly between size S and M for the new Speedmax Disc.

I have consulted two Bike-fitters.
The first one put my saddle on my road bike about 4cm backward to solve my knee issues and recommends size M for the new Canyon: Hight-relations on size S would be too agressive for me, he said.
The Second one did just a "loose fit"; It was not a real bike-fit but a session to try out bikes from different bike-manufacturers. He just made it work for me to take a short test ride round the block. But: all Bikes (Cervelo, Argon18, Felt, Giant) were Size S or 51. He said S is clearly in general the right size for me.

So what do you think?

I am 175cm high with an inseam of 85cm. 51 yrs old. Long limbs, short Torso. With short upper Arms...
Saddle hight from center of BB to top of Saddle is: 74,2cm
Armpad-stack is 650mm
Armpad-Reach is 455mm (side twds. rider), 460 (middle of pad).

With greetings from Germany and thank you very much in advance!
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