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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [ianpeace]
Thx Ian! You're right, I'm not doing long-course TTs, and (like most roadies) I don't ride my TT bike nearly often enough, and so am under no illusions that I have a perfect fit. But I am able to ride that position for 3-4 hour training rides, only coming out of aero for corners, stops, etc, so it doesn't feel radical or anything. I think I'll move the pads back 20mm and see how that works this weekend. And I'm guessing that even if I needed bit more reach than is possible with the stock Canyon cockpit, simply modding or using some different arm cups would do the trick. Or a custom cockpit!

On a couple specific points you shared:

ianpeace wrote:
Here's the one critical piece of info that I can give you. Both the high end, new disc brake bikes (CFR and SLX) have two different cockpits (one piece: stem + base bar). A short one with a 65mm stem and a long one with an 85mm stem.

Aha! Yes, this would make a huge difference in my situation and I would definitely opt for the longer option. I had not seen that mentioned anywhere, including the Canyon website, so thx for the inside scoop. I know supply chains and logistics have become super-challenged by Covid, and so hopefully Canyon can work this out soon. I also see that in the US, the CFR will only be offered in one color (Dark Chrome) while if I am in Mexico I can get that color or this sweet Blue Chrome:

But who knows, maybe that will change over the next couple months as Canyon gears up to ship bikes.

ianpeace wrote:
As to the confusion on the geometry chart... I think maybe what's happening is that you got some numbers crossed between sizes. Super easy to do in this process. If would be better if the sizing header remined visible when we scroll down to look at the details...

You're right! On the Medium, it's frame stack of 489mm with pad stack range of 581-691mm. 92mm still seems like a lot in a slammed position, but no mind, at 620mm I would be right in the sweet spot!

Thx again! We'll see where this leads...

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