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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [ianpeace]
Hi Ian,

So the new Speedmax CFR Disc has piqued my interest, but I'm a bit concerned/confused when looking at the numbers compared to where I am at now on my P5 (rim) bike. If this is not the thread for the new bike, just let me know. Thx.

Current Bike and Fit
56cm P5. Original rim brake model. I run it with the Alpha One. Since Canyon's geometry table measures to the back of the pad for pad reach, I went ahead and measured my fit the same way and I get 510 for pad reach and 620 for pad stack. I do run the pads in the forward position on the Alpha One, but even if I moved them back to the "neutral" position, that would only take the pads back 20mm and I would still be at 490 for pad reach. Here is a photo of my Alpha One:

I don't have any static photos of my fit, but here is a video:

I'm guessing you'll note that my upper arm is not aimed straight down, but I've found that the extra reach helps me more comfortably narrow my elbow (my shoulders are a bit wide unfortunately), and with tilt at the pads, I get that "locked in" feeling. But even if I moved to the "neutral" position on the Alpha One pads, I would still be at 490 for reach (again, measuring to the back per the Canyon geometry table).

Attempting to Fit the Speedmax
At a height of 6'0", it would seem the Medium Speedmax would be the right size. But the Medium shows a pad stack range of 581-691mm (I'm good there, since I'm at 620) and a pad reach range of 408-463mm (this is a problem with my 510 reach). So I'm short 47mm from my current (forward) position, 27mm compared to the Alpha One "neutral" position, and 7mm compared to the Alpha One "rearward" position. So it seems like the Speedmax just doesn't have enough reach for me.

What About a Large for More Reach?
Even if I look at a size Large, I see a pad reach range of 430-484mm. Even all the way forward, I'm 26mm short of my current position. The Large Speedmax can (almost) mimic the "neutral" position of the Alpha One, but even then I'm a bit short (which in fairness is probably NBD). So maybe the Large could be made to work as far as reach, but I don't think the Large works for me (not surprising given my height) for at least two reasons. First, the pad stack range is 619-729mm, so I would have no room to go lower from my current 620mm. And with my seat height of 765mm (BB to top of saddle), I don't think I could get my seat low enough, as the minimum seat height for the Large is 755mm (BB to saddle rails), and my saddle (and I think all others) has more than 10mm of "saddle stack." OK sure I can cut the seatpost, and that's NBD, but the need to do that just underscores that I don't think I really fit on a Large.

Confused by Canyon's Geometry Table
So unless I have missed something, does the new Speedmax really have that much less reach than my P5/Alpha One? This is the part where I start getting confused. Looking at frame stack and reach, I see 540/425 for the P5 and 489/438 for the Speedmax. The stack number for the Speedmax doesn't make any sense to me (and neither frame stack (I) or frame reach (J) are labeled in the geometry graphic, they are just numbers in the table), because with its flush top tube/base bar, wouldn't we expect the Speedmax to have more frame stack than the P5? Or put another way, if the pad stack range of the Speedmax is 619-729mm, how does that make any sense with a frame stack of 489mm? 130mm of stack even when the monopost is "slammed?" And 240mm of monopost at the upper stack limit? That doesn't seem right. It may be as simple as the frame stack being mislabeled as 489mm when it should be 589mm (and that would make a lot more sense, with pads 30mm above the base bar when slammed and 140mm at the top of the adjustment range), but I'm now a bit mistrustful of the frame reach number as well (and potentially the other numbers in the chart, including the all-important pad stack and reach).

Is the answer as simple as the P5 I have being a longer bike, when paired with a "mainsteam" cockpit like the Alpha One with its 90mm "stem length" and that unless I bring by elbows way back, the new Speedmax is just going to be too short for me?


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