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Re: Official 14th Annual 2020/2021 Slowtwitch 100/100 Challenge Thread [devashish_paul]
devashish_paul wrote:
I am going to do a 5000m baseline before the challenge. Currently my best post rehab is 22:29. I would like to see how close to 22 I can get it before challenge and hopefully take it to 21.xx afterwards. As it stands I need to take off 6 seconds per km to get sub 22. Maybe if I can lose 8-10 lbs during the challenge then I'm done!!!

Good luck on Feb 12th. Will we have Steve Fleck doing a livestream with expert commentary from Slowman and some IAAF judges at the track. Track spikes or springy shoes?

You hurt my head with your mixed units. m, Km, and lbs. :-) 2.5 kilos should do it...along with a some race-pace work.

Springy shoes---Standard ASICS training shoe. I don't have a fancy racing shoe.
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