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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [ianpeace]
Hey there Ian,

I'm considering either a CF or SLX and would love your thoughts on sizing. I'm currently on a size medium Speed Concept 2.5 (the 2011 version) and it fits decently. My roadie is a Cervelo R5 (2018) size 54.

Here are my measurements as taken in January with Steve from Bike Effect Santa Monica:

Height: 171.1cm
Inseam: 82.0cm
Wingspan: 179.0cm
Weight: 166lbs
Shoulder Width: 42.0cm
Sitbone Spacing: 120mm

Saddle X: 16.0cm
Saddle Y: 64.5cm
Handlebar X: 42.9cm
Handlebar Y: 66.0cm
Cranks: 165mm

The Canyon site tells me size S, but I'm thinking M would be more in my wheelhouse. Worth noting, I expect to be bringing those pads lower in the next year as I continue to work on position and flexibility.

Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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