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Re: Garmin Connect Calendar Activity Color Schemes Removed [Tom_hampton]
Thank you for pointing this out and trying to help me, but it only proves my point further. What you describe is not a structured 7 day metric (i.e., fixed as Monday to Sunday week). It's a rolling 7 day period based on what day of the week you're looking at it. Pulling it up now, it shows me how many miles I ran since last wednesday, not how many miles I've run since the start of the start of the current week. So every day of the week you look at it, the 7 day totals change. This is useless to me. I want a total weekly mileage metric, not rolling 7 day totals.

On the web to see what I want, I have to click: reports, progress summary, group by week, running. You got me, it's 4 not 6 clicks, I didn't intentionally exaggerate. I tried to remember in my head. But it's still a pain, and not possible at all on the app.

On strava site, I can hover over training, click training log, and select running (or, since I leave it on running, it remembers that setting and it's just one click on training log). And strava shows it as a static calendar, not a rolling 7 day total. On the app, tap training, tap training log. Done.

Maybe it's a nitpick, but I imagine most people want to see weekly totals based on the actual calendar week, not a rolling 7 day total?
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