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Re: Stryd Users [aries33]
aries33 wrote:
A few questions.
1. Without calibration, have you found stryd to be pretty accurate in terms of pace while using a treadmill? Was it accurate out of the box?

2. Does stryd recognize hills (incline), while on a treadmill.

3. Would you buy it again or just stick with a Garmin pod for the treadmill?

1. Yes, it's pretty good, better than my Garmin pod out of the box but after calibration they were the same.

2. I don't know if the new ones do but mine doesn't. I got mine in October of 2017. Edit: It does read higher when I run up real hills. I don't do hills on the treadmill.

3. No, I wouldn't buy it again but not because of calibration.
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