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Re: Official Specialized Shiv Thread [TriRig]
I am trying to upgrade a 2016 Fuji Robuix road bike with aero bars, for a true tri bike. Budget right now is only about $2000

I see a few used 2017 Shiv Elites in my area that look to be both in very good condition and within budget. Any issues with this year, over other similarly priced bikes? Shivs don't seem to get much love on this forum. Any reason why?

I am about 6'1, and reading a few other posts in this thread, I potentially want to go a size down. Any thoughts on a medium? I'll go take a look in person, so trying to get an idea a head of time.


Here were my fit numbers on the road bike with aero bars if this helps with sizing

X 470
HY 640
SX 205
SY 715
Stack 545
Reach 396
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