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Re: Left/Right Balance on Two Sided Powermeters [Bio_McGeek]
Bio_McGeek wrote:
Hi Vols:
Two follow up questions. Are you getting the left right balance on an Edge head unit? If so, can you also get the "Peak Power Phase" using the P1's?

Vols wrote:
Powertap P1's do. I do "dead legged pedalling" (thanks Colby Pearce) during each warm up and I regularly see 90/10, 93/7, etc because the dead leg still contributes a small amount due to falling with gravity.

1. Yes, I use a edge 520 and can get immediate power balance, as well as 3, 10, 30 seconds, and full ride averages.
2. I know it's an "after the fact" option, but I don't believe I can see it in ride. You might want to check the connect IQ store and see if it's an add on option. I do have torque effectiveness as well as pedal smoothness that are split between L/R, but I don't really use those and have never looked mid ride if they're showing anything of value

EDIT: Looks like with the P1's I don't actually have peak power phase after the fact. It's a garmin option but I don't see any data for any of my rides. I'd never looked before
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