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Re: Advice on starting out in bikefitting [sbarley]
Classes are a good starting point. unfortunately they are very limited in scope most oriented around Product. Many classes have a manufacturing as a sponsor or with very strong Relationship. They Are yl a good to get you started . you need more I am recommending you try to find some fellow fitters you can shadow. you’ll see a large alot issues that have to be dealt with working with other fitter s then you will route see you in a weekend class let’s not say that you don’t take that classThere are things to be learned everywhere make a massage class take anatomy class set up for the mentorship program in the IBFI*. Pick up the phone and call If you snuck some of us are very friendly . All you need is an introduction. Try to find someone to shadow. We all have in our techniques will have exposure to different problems . I am write article periodically and you attend Medicine of Cycling is anim the US .with and practitioners have an assortment medical arts will be taking place online so you can cook don’t have to come to the states to take classes are usually a network of people That you can call on the rest of your Professional life.. Who is the start with your network will keep your current and exposure to much more than the commercial magazines will. Good luck you’re off to a good start feel free to call if you get stuck.
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