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Re: Official Specialized Shiv Thread [TriRig]
TriRig wrote:
UK Gearmuncher wrote:
CJAC wrote:
Has anyone installed a Tririg Delta cover on their Shiv?

There's one here: http://www.timetriallingforum.co.uk/...custom-diy-nosecone/

Actually, the Shiv in that thread does NOT have a Delta. It does have an Alpha X aerobar and Omega X brake though! That's the first-generation Shiv, also known as the "nosecone" Shiv, same as the one that Chris McCormack rode to victory at Ironman Hawaii in 2010: https://www.tririg.com/...p?id=1046_Macca_Shiv

The OP on that thread did a LOT of custom DIY work to allow our parts to work on that particular bike (they work without modifications on later versions of the Shiv), in order to keep that original nosecone. But as you can see on newer versions such as the Shiv Tri, our parts are a great fit (this one has Alpha One, Omega X, and the Delta front cover): https://www.facebook.com/.../?type=3&theater

It didn't look like a nosecone Shiv Nick - you can tell by the fork design and stem arrangement. I own both a 2011 nosecone shiv and the 2017 non nosecone shiv. It looks like they instead bastardised a nosecone shiv's nosecone to then fit a non nosecone shiv ?
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