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Re: Shimano GRX and XT Power Meter [scott8888]
scott8888 wrote:
I don't fully agree with the previous poster. GRX cranks are somewhere in between Shimano's road and boost spacing in terms of chain line. The chain line has been moved out 2.5mm on GRX relative to the road resulting in a total Q factor of 151mm vs 146mm on the road and 176mm on MTB. The BB hasn't changed so I suspect the crank arms have in fact gotten wider along with the cranks spindle relative to the road. I suspect this leave GRX crank compatibility on no-mans land but I am not sure the of the tolerances involved and you may just get away with an XT arm on a GRX crankset.

I dont disagree with you main point, But grx is for 68mm bb and therefore not compatible with mtb groupsets. While It May work out, I still believe the grx is a mtb-like groupset for a Road BB
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