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Re: The state of Ironman racing 2020-2021 in the USA [japarker24]
japarker24 wrote:
I agree that 2020 is done. I also feel that 2021 will be a no go. And I'm uncertain how WTC will weather the storm.

I've done 10 WTC in the last 10 years (5 IM & 5 70.3). I'm a believer in the value you get from the IM experience, but I also agree they are not perfect.

If this finally does WTC in, it will be interesting to see how haters feel about racing options in a world without WTC.

I share those concerns as well. I hope WTC’s new owners had contingency planning in mind for this since they did finalize the deal with COVID in full swing. If you and I can see this problem certainly they saw it as well and have a plan to weather this storm for 2020-2021. If not they deserve to go out of business.

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