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Re: Official Speed Concept Owners Thread
Hey folks, looking for some advice on rear brake maintenance.
Purchased my frame last fall, and have been using it on the indoor trainer since.

Went to take it out for first road ride today, and noticed the rear brake wasn't re-opening on its own after pulling the brake lever.
Removed the speed fin to find that a lot of sweat had managed to trickle down into the caliper, large buildup of sweat/salt/gunk on the triangle wedge. Odd because I never had this happen on my first gen SC, which was also used indoors for years...

Anyway, cleaned it off, but I think maybe the cable is either gunked up a bit in the housing either near the caliper, or inside the brake leaver, as it still won't open quite all the way on its own.
I don't think it is a kink anywhere as it was working perfect when I initially set it up and put it on the trainer, where it has stayed the entire time until today.

OK, so, obviously I could replace the cable/housing (PIA..). But another question - the silver screw on the side of the caliper that seems to fine adjust the width, I have that unscrewed pretty much all the way to make room for my HED Jets. Is having that unscrewed also contributing to the calipers not having a strong return? Am I better off having that screwed in more, and instead shaving down the brake pads to make more room?

Any other tips to maintaining the Gen2 rear brake? Again, my first gen was problem free... :(

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