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Re: Lake vs Bont for wide feet [Travis R]
Travis R wrote:
Disclaimer: I'm a Lake dealer.

Definitely take a look at the Lake sizing process:

I always start here with shoe selection. Within the Lake lineup, there is enough going on that it helps to know your dimensions first before you can then decide on the models by last. They have 11 different lasts, and it gets a bit confusing because the shoes based on the wide Competition last are actually wider than the extra wide Race last. So, first get some measurements, and then we can discuss your Lake options.

As far as Bont goes - it's a good quality shoe, and a unique shape that can work for the right foot. The hard part is knowing if you have the right foot. I wish I knew a bit more about their product range to offer any advice there. I don't see a lot of them in the fit studio, which might just be a product of my local market.

Provided the very unenthusiastic wifey took the measurements correctly I’m about 260mm long and 107 wide. Which puts me in a wide Bont 42.5. I would actually up to 43 based off what I read and the fact my last 2 pairs of shoes were 43 and never had an issue with length.

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