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Re: Tubeless wheel and tire SUPER THREAD [seeyouincourt]
seeyouincourt wrote:
I asked Zipp specifically about the gp5000TL on the 303-S since Enve shows that as non-approved on their hookless list. I asked, literally, if I could trust my life to Zipp's generic statement that any current tubeless tire could be used when Enve tested the GP and said it should not be used on their hookless wheels. Such an awesome company, Zipp's email in response gave me a canned reply merely repeating the stuff from their marketing "Current tubeless and tubeless ready tires are compatible with the Zipp 303 S Series wheels"

I will buy a tire from Enve's approved list because I won't trust Zipp if they haven't done the testing and won't answer a direct question about safety.

Yeah, I'm also not going to answer the question "could I trust my life your product" to a guy with the handle "seeyouincourt." :)
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