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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [ianpeace]
ianpeace wrote:

1) In another communication you mentioned using the "dropped base bar". This bike (the 2019/2020 SLX) has only two base bars: the flat (comes stock) and the other is the rise bar. The previous SLX, the 2018 and earlier, had 3 bars: rise, flat, drop.

2) I know that at 190.5cm (6'3") tall one might expect to be on a large but while your Pad X is achievable on that bike, the lowest the Pad Y will get on the Large is 630.


Thanks for looking at this Ian.

1) Yep. I'm actually after the basebar that is shown on the 2020 TT version (which appears to have a dropped basebar here: https://www.canyon.com/..._rahmenfarbe=BK%2FBU ). Do you know if Canyon would allow me to access that dropped bar but buy it for the Tri version (purely as the bike itself is cheaper for that one). I actually only really need the frame but they don't sell those seperately. I have no intention of using the hydration and storage bolt-ons as this is for UCI TT'ing.

2) That's what I saw too. Thanks for confirming this. They obviously increased the stack on this bike over their previous designs.
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