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Re: Official Speed Concept Owners Thread [Jimbotri]
Hi Hoping for quick reply

I know carbon bikes are not perfect, my 2012 SC 7.5 certainly is not and has a few bumps and ripples where the joins are, but is this normal for a 2015 SC 9.9. It is the 600 series carbon.
Do other people's frames have joins in like this or does this look like a repair. The paint is flawless, so if it is a repair it has been painted really well. It looks totally fine from the top.

I bought the bike 2nd hand yesterday and did not notice this until I started pulling it apart to clean. I have the chance to take it back, hence wanting a quick opinion.

I have taken it for a ride and put some power through it on hills pushing a big gear and everything seems fine, it rides really well.

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