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Re: Official Speed Concept Owners Thread [Mitch@Trek]
Mitch@Trek wrote:
randyp wrote:
I'm assembling a new SC frame and have a question regarding the bottom bracket.

Ready to press fit the bottom bracket bearings. Local shop provided me with the crank spindle (axle) sleeve(shield). I'm using a Shimano HollowTech type crank specifically Power2Max meter. The sleeve very gently rubs on the crank spindle. It is only minor but I'd prefer not to have any interference at all. Is this typical and what is recommended. Grease the spindle and install the sleeve or leave the sleeve out?
I am using Di2 so a bit concerned with cabling in the area.

With your BB, it should have came with a sleeve that would protect the crank spindle. Is this what they supplied? There would be no rub on that sleeve.

Yes, it is the Trek (FSA) grey sleeve. It is very minor rub on the male part. The female side seems to have enough clearance.

I measured the diameters with calipers.
Crank spindle = 23.8mm
Inner diameter male sleeve end = 24.5mm
Inner diameter female sleeve end = 27.0mm
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