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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [titan4]
Hey Ian,

Yes 15 deg is aero bar tilt.
So after getting through with the fit the one thing we thought was the medium stand over height was a bit high for me. The other thing we noticed is the canyon rear bottle mount limited me on seat adjustment.
Looking at my fit notes the x/y to pad center is 510/653. The numbers I gave you were the guru pad stack and reach.
With that being said, my fitter thought it was best to go to the small being lighter and giving me more flexibility, still with the 165mm cranks, look for an after market 15 deg and change the aero bars to the ski bend.
Do you think a small is still a good choice?
Do you have recommendations for the 15 degree tilt? The 9 deg angle kit from canyon isn’t compatible with the 2019 SLX.
Thank you so much!

Oh boy, we're deep in the weeds now. Let's work through this together and figure it out.

First the truly critical aspect:
"the x/y to pad center is 510/653. The numbers I gave you were the guru pad stack and reach."
Pad Stack = Pad Y. Pad Reach = Pad X. Those terms speak to the same location. I like Pad Y and Pad X as it reduces confusion with a whole other set of numbers called Stack and Reach that will will NOT be using in prescribing super tri bikes. Guru doesn't have yet another meaning for Pad Stack and Pad Reach - and thank goodness for that. So the numbers you sent me in an earlier post: 611/539 - what are those, they can't be HY and HX (which Guru does use)? And what is 653/510? I think I need to see the fit report that you're fitter gave you when you left. Can you email it to be Ian at TeamTTS dot com?

If your Pad Y is 611 and your Pad X is 539 when then you've got your bike, see 2 posts above this. And yes, you could fit on a small too (again, if this is your Pad Y and Pad X) with a long stem + an aftermarket item Canyon sells called a TSP (Team Switch Plate) and then you'd need the maximum arm pad pedestal of 45mm. There was some suggestion of "more flexibility" on the small - nope, if these are your numbers you are painted into the utmost talles and longest corner of the small possible. Your concern about stand over and your VERY long Pad X suggests to me that you're about 5'6" ish and your inseam is about 10 inches. It seems unlikely.

If your Pad Y is 653 and your Pad X is 510 then the right bike for you is a Large. You cannot fit on a Medium, you cannot fit on a Small.

There's other tid bits to discuss in here like...The tilt on the SLX is zero or seven and nothing in between. The Speedmax comes stock with a ski bend aerobar. The rear bottle mount..if the seat height is low then the Speedmax behind the seat bottle can't be used but you could mount any behind the seat cage that mounts on the saddle rails - let's not get bogged down in any of that now. We really need to figure out your Pad Y and Pad X - send me something.


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