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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [Bikernutz77]
I'm gonna come out and say it; I'm not 100% confident in your fit. A Pad Y of 691 is high, it's not unheard of but it's high. A Pad X(rear) of 426 and Pad X(center) of ~476 is short. You are outside the norm. You are atypical.

Bikes are built for people. One could argue that people are more similar than they are different (physically at least). Bike makers want to sell bikes to people so they make bikes that fit most people. Sure, some bikes skew to long and low while other bikes skew to short and tall, but they are still in a similar neighborhood. The bike that meets 691/426 is very tall and very short.

If you take a quick glimpse of the chart on this page..
and then read this article..

What you'll find is that the coordinates you're using are super rare.

Those numbers could be right..... if you have 4-5 fused vertebrae in your lumbar spine or your wing span is 6 inches shorter than your overall height or some other VERY unusual situation. It seems far more likely to me that a) the fit process you went through didn't take you forward enough in the seat angle to find the optimum position, b) the saddle you were on didn't allow you to go forward to the nose of it, or some other similar error. The idea is....as your hips move forward so they are over or nearly over the bottom bracket your upper body moves out further too (making Pad X longer) and your able to be very comfortable lower (making Pad Y lower).

I'm open to further discussion on this because I'm all about learning/teaching and I'm sure with both learn more with more conversation.


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