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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [jhofman]
Hi Ian,
y stack is 638mm and my reach is 445mm.
I snagged a Speedmax 8.0 LTD Medium over black friday and am generally quite happy with it when I’m in the aerobars.
When I pop up and use the handlebars, however, I feel a bit far forward, as if I want a finger’s width more space.
I feel like the Medium fits well otherwise in terms of stand over height and everything like that. The question is whether I am making a mistake by not going to Large to get a little more research on the handlebars. Or to just buy the 90mm stem. Do you have an opinion on that?
I’m within the return, so could still exchange it.
Thanks very much for your advice!

I've got two questions...
1) You've referenced this as an LTD and Canyon has used that in the past as a limited edition for either version of the Speedmaxs/Speedmaxes/Speedmaxi. Is your bike the CF (mortal bike, a fairly normal stem on it) or the SLX (super bike, built in front end hydration, the one that's won the last 4 of the big fall races in the Lava)?
2) Pad Y at 638 - check! Pad X at 445 - I'm guessing that's to the rear of the pad yes?

Let me know, Ian

Ian Murray
I like the pursuit of mastery
Twitter - @TriCoachIan
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