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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [ianpeace]
ianpeace wrote:
I need to preface the following question by saying "yes, I am planning on a thorough fitting between now and Christmas (my MIL is friends with an amazing fitter in our area, so I've already put a fitting with her on my Xmas list)."

I'm eyeballing a few models in advance to have an idea which bikes might work for me, in the event that my fitter asks which models interest me. The Canyon CF 8.0 (I'm female and would be happy with either the men's or women's models, as they appear to not be any different. My road bike is a 2011 men's Cannondale SuperSix in 48cm. I have a super low rent KHS tri bike in XS that I picked-up for cost, but it's never really been fit properly to me and I mostly just ride it in the basement while zwifting) is high on my list (along with Liv, Fuji, and Kestrel). What I do know from road bike fitting is that my inseam is 30" at 5'3". My arms are probably a bit on the short side. Flexibility is average. Canyon's basic fit recommendation puts me on an XS for the Speedmax, but XXS for their road bikes. I've seen enough commentary here suggesting that the Speedmax runs large, so I wonder if there's much likelihood that the Speedmax would work for me. I've been doing sprint-to-olympic distance dus (with a Powerman on my bucketlist) for nearly a decade and am generally the 2nd fastest in my AG (and sometimes overall) on the bike...only behind a woman who has a legit TT/tri bike. I'd really like a shot to not keep losing to her as soon as we hit the bike leg, every damned time! :p

Thanks in advance for any input.

The holiday is pretty much upon us.... have you had the fit done yet??? I'm eager to hear your numbers. I can't say the Speedmax runs big, I'd say it runs slightly long. Here's your challenge: at 5'3" tall you've got long legs at 30". This typically means that you're going to have a slightly shorter Pad X and a slightly taller Pad Y. I'm gonna guess that it'll be an XS just to satisfy the short Pad X that I'm predicting.

What I'd like to do if you're willing is this. Measure the seat height on the SuperSix and the KHS and let me work some numbers here to try and guess your Pad Y and Pad X. Then, after your fit let's circle back and see how close I was.


Thanks, Ian. My fitting is this coming Monday -- woot!

I'm chuckling at the 30" inseam being long, thing. I guess maybe relative, but I struggle to find pants to fit. Petite/short are often too short, regular are generally too long. I live with a couple of guys with 34" inseams (6'2" DH and 5'10" DS). I think my 5'8" MIL has a 34" inseam, too. I'm the tallest woman on my dad's side of the family, but now live in an area full of Dutch Americans...so I'm totally stubby, here.

OK, saddle height on the SuperSix is a bit over 32" -- tricky, since my SMP saddle is so hammocked. Saddle on the KHS tri bike is 31.5. I think I'm measuring right...from pedal spindle straight along the seatpost line...?

This might be helpful, too -- I found the little card Seven included with my Mudhoney. I notice the saddle height on that is really low...so now I'm totally confused. I have the same saddle on the Seven that I have on the SuperSix...height is the same, as well.

MTA: ahhh...now I see how they're measuring saddle height. I can go back down and measure from BB to saddle top.
MTA 2.0: OK, all 3 bikes are ~26" from BB to saddle.

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