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Re: How was your week? Dec. 9 Edition [Dr. Tigerchik]
Congrats on a great week, Dr. TC - and way to kill it on the indoor reverse sprint! I love that I know so many badass ladies.

Scheherazade, I feel you on the moving thing. Even if it's a good thing, it's always a big thing. Especially long distance. Remember to be kind to yourself whilst the stresses are high - logistics take up a lot of capacity pie for me.

I missed y'all last week. Mostly because I couldn't get out of my own way, but.... Sometimes that happens ;o) I picked up a stinking, lousy cold midweek and took the backend of the week off work, after taking a morning off to go to counseling with my husband. Which was much as I expected, and I am still sad that I don't feel the same burning, yearning desire to "fix it" that he does.

Although I'm still embracing the hell out of offseason, I am finding I'm starting to get a little antsy about getting back to doing things again. I'm planning on rescuing my bike and trainer from the house so that I can ease back into Zwifting, and official 50K run training starts mid-January. (Coincidentally, the offseason + stress + oldhabitsdiehard + WTF? smoking has got to stop in early January... Oof. BAD UK2ME.) Looking at my tri club's masters program again, and generally beginning to feel excited about 2020 and being active. Although - a friend took me out dancing on Saturday night and I literally danced him under the table, so triathlon training has done more for my legs and my endurance than I realised!

I hope everyone manages to find something to enjoy in their lives this week, stressful as they all seem to be. Thinking of you all!
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