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Re: Official Speed Concept Owners Thread [drseamus]
drseamus wrote:
I've had a world of problems with my Speed Concept. The bento box has deformed inward so it's tough to get stuff in and out and the draft box pops open frequently. Not to mention that the aerobars came off in an ironman this year and DNFed me and the CS bottom bracket was installed incorrectly and I needed to have it repaired. Who can I contact at Trek to get all these problems fixed?

Sorry to hear about your troubles!

I would suggest contacting your local dealer about this to have them submit the issues you've been having into a warranty claim. You're welcome to call out tech support teams too, but without a claim in place, there isn't much they can go on when they're on the phone with you. A dealer can view your bike in person to work out the issues and if needed, relay them to us.

For the BB install, your dealer should be able to fix that if they installed it incorrectly as that would be outside of the manufacturing warranty for the frame itself.

Once you get a claim in, feel free to contact the tech/warranty team though - they're always able to help! 1 (800) 585-8735

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