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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [wjwatts]
Hi Ian,
Iā€™m looking to purchase my first triathlon bike and Canyon was highly recommended by a colleague. I am specifically looking at the 8.0 SL. I just had a Guru fitting done, here are my measurements. Thanks!
Height - 75ā€ or 190.5cm
Pad X - 450mm (B), 490mm (C) [not sure the difference]
Pad Y - 700mm
Saddle Height - 835mm
The Pad X of 450 (B) speaks to the back of the arm pad, the 490mm (C) refers to the center of the arm pad. Some bikes speak to one location and some to another (canyon goes to center). Good on your fitter for noting both.

I can for sure give you the specs but.... Canyon makes two different Speedmax bikes referenced by "8.0 SL". One is the Speedmax SLX - this is the all out super-duper bike with the hydration built into the front end. And the Speedmax CF - this is the super-ish bike. The SLX 8.0 SL is $7k and the CF 8.0 SL is $3,999.

Which one you lookin' at?


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