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Is it possible to do a fitting remotely?


I’m in Paraguay, South America at the moment. Did a retul fit last year when a Brazilian dude came in town but other than that, there isn’t certified fitters in town.

As a result, me and everyone else relies on YouTube and perception for our fitting.

Me personally, I have tremendous issues with chafing (went from Mistika, Sitero, Sitero II, and now Dash) and as of recently, inside knee pain. I’m a mess.

So even though I plan to rely on the amazing power of the ST community and do a “critic my fit” post, I was wondering if relying on today’s tools, a remote fitting is possible in the year 2020?

I definitely would have all the right setup in place (Tacx neo, camera, dots, live feed) and I’m quite comfortable around making adjustments. I built both my bikes out of the box, so I would be able to adjust height, tilt, angles and what not.

Is this thinking too loco? Or or this something doable?

What I’m looking:
• solve my chafing
• knee pain

I’m all eyes! School me.
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