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Re: Official Speed Concept Owners Thread [mxblues98]
mxblues98 wrote:
Have a chance to buy 2014 New old stock SC 7 for super cheap.
Wondering about size. Was riding TTX 9 size small for last 9 years and loved it, but it is broken so new ride
My x is 450 and my y is 650 from old bike. Have choice small or large in SC
Experts out there- small again is what I am leaning towards but thoughts?

Also can I put 7.5 integrated front end on 7? Cost? Is it worth it?

Looking at di2 upgrade and some race wheels as well
Thanks for all help

With your X/Y measurements, the small seems to be a rough fit as you'd likely need a high-far stem (integrated setup) which looks awful but it is doable. You'd be better on a Medium frame. The Large is definitely big, which would put you on a low stem.

Also, you can convert a 7 to have an integrated front end. Ball park pricing for it in USD:

Stem - $86
Handlebar - $557
Mono extension - $149
Other bits: $150

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