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Re: Official Speed Concept Owners Thread [Crentist]
I've noticed on recent rides that my front brake on the right side (from rider perspective) is sticking and not returning to its original position after I apply it. The left side is fine, but when I apply the brakes the right side will move slightly as I squeeze the lever near the full extension, but when I release it barely moves back, and in some cases is rubbing on the brake track. I can get it to move back by pushing the integrated brake cover on that side, and it pushes it back to its original position, but it isn't smooth and feels kind of gunked up. I'm going to pop the cover off tomorrow to take a look, but has anyone had this experience in the past? Is it just a matter of some lube/grease somewhere?

I should also note, my brake adjustment on the right side also seems messed up. On the left side I can use an allen to move the pad in or out like normal. On the right side, the allen basically just spins and nothing ever happens, and I'm 99% sure it's not just user error on that. Could be related to the above?
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