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Re: Official Speed Concept Owners Thread [IamSpartacus]
IamSpartacus wrote:
hey mitch and all

hoping i cold get some help. The pad wing countersunk bolts that go on top. I believe they are m5x21mm. To replace these i need to buy it as part of a larger kit, which is crazy pricey. I have a propensity to round these bastards - i often play with tilt, hence they come on and off a bit. Plus i find i rust they out easily. Can i confirm, would these be a decent replacement? (21mm impossible to find in AUS, 20mm is all i can get)
https://www.probolt-australia.com/...-0-8mm-x-20mm-4.html ?

You are correct on the bolt size! I've seen many users in the Weight Weenies forms move to titanium hardware - might be a nice option! (the color selection is really neat as well)

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