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Re: Fitter near Amarillo, TX? [vjohn]
I'm not fitting any more, but some of my staff is still fitting. Tommy Johnson (who posts on occasion) is a world class fitter. Ben Drezek (who is located in Denton) is a world class fitter, and Daniel Duryea is a world class fitter. Avram Carter was doing some fitting through Octane Athletics as well, and he's a world class fitter.

Tommy is opening a studio and you can reach him at coachtj@tx.rr.com. Ben is at kmfperformance@gmail.com. I don't have an address for Daniel at the moment and he's preparing to go to graduate school for PT. Avram should be available at avram.carter@gmail.com.

If you're looking for a road fit, the only other I would consider is Craig Fulk at North Texas Dynamic Bike Fit at http://www.dynamicbikefit.com. He's a smart guy dedicated to learning his craft.

I think you can probably get a good road fit from Mat Stephens at Bikes Plus, but I don't recommend you challenge him to a race.

My experience with other fitters in the area has been hit and miss at best. None of them have tried to plug themselves into the community of bike fitters, and that's almost a surefire bet they are off in the weeds with what they are doing.

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