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Re: Official Speed Concept Owners Thread [marting]
marting wrote:
Mitch@Trek wrote:
I wouldn't suggest flipping the bolt cradle (bolt assembly) to have the grub screw up front though, that is not something we would ever recommend as that screw is supposed to be in the rear only.

That’s interesting - I don’t think I’ve seen a single picture with the grub screw at the rear.

All the bikes I’ve seen (including mine) have the grub screw towards the front. I certainly haven’t knowingly flipped the cradle around.

Could you double check this for us please?

Perhaps we are talking about a different screw, but below is the screw I was discussing that I have seen flipped around (on the pivot cradle and labeled as "set screw"). I would leave it to the rear as the service manual recommends - but riders have moved it to the front to get more tilt of their mono extension.

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