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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [ianpeace]
Hi Ian,

First post here after reading for several months, been using my Canyon Ultimate as a sort of tri-bike for some time and after a Guru bike fit i came to the conclusion i need something better fitting.
Just had my first bike fit yesterday and during the fit i became clear the speedmax CF in both L and XL should fit just , but i want to find out which one fits better.

the results of the fit are:
handlebar x 516
Handlebar Y 660
extension Profile Design 4525
extension length 325
pad reach 466
pad stack 720
pad offset 50
pad c t c 240
saddle height 863
saddle setback 45
saddle drop 131

length 193
inseam 95

basically i'm long, heavy and not very flexible.

Can you help me out ?
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