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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [ianpeace]
Hi Ian --

Following up on you fit suggestions and looking for more help here. As a reminder, I'm riding on a 2018 model size M. I took your advice and got the longer stem (85mm I think) which opened me up a bit. Also moved my pad further forward and closer together and got longer 51 Speedshop "Ultimate" extension which took pressure of my neck, back, and wrist.. It's a much more comfortable position on the trainer.

Problem is -- it handled much more sketchily on the road. I just can't seem to get comfortable riding this thing on the road. It feels like the steering axis (with my extended hand and elbow position) is just too far out in front of the wheel, which magnifies small inputs and wind gusts (only riding a 303 NSW front wheel). The handling feels much better when I "choke back" on the extension but then my elbows are hanging off the pads and I'd need to cut the extensions to reach the shifters.

Before you were saying you're pretty sure I'm on the right frame size, but I wonder would a Large frame alleviate this problem? Or is it just that my fit is messed up somewhere further down the chain?

I don't know what do to honestly, 4 weeks out from my first A race and just not really comfortable on the bike at speed in the extensions.

Here are videos of me:
1) "Proper" position: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgF7kyYVf-g
2) "Choked back" position:
3) Base bars:

Here are some coordinates:
1) Saddle height: 77cm (too high -- I'm having some Achilles pain lately??)
2) Saddle tip to shifters: 82.5cm
3) Tip of saddle to aero pads: 48.4cm
4) Pad width: 29cm

(edit: fixed "proper" position video link)
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