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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [thebod]
Hi Ian,
We met a few weeks ago at the Austin 360 event. Thanks so much for the time getting me fitted. One of the things you suggested was getting off of the 172.5mm to 165mm. That is my eventual plan but finding the correct crank arms has proven challenging. In the meantime is there a way we can convert my numbers to work with my current 172.5mm until I get the hardware to make the switch? Thanks so much.
Pad x - 522
Pad y - 757
Saddle height - 890
Pad elevation-110

For Sure! If I'm remembering correctly we did an Express Fit with 165 cranks and came up with those nubmers based on that crank. Okay, If I'm right here are the numbers massaged for 172.5

Pad X 522
Pad Y 750
Saddle Height - 883
Pad Elevation - 104

Essentially here's the thinking.... we did a fit with 165s and got some numbers. If the cranks are 172.5 that's 7.5 mm difference. So the saddle height has to go lower by 7.5mm (most folks can't feel 1mm change in stuff so we need not get our panties in a twist over 1/2mm and speaking of panties, .5mm in saddle height is the difference between the fluffled up pad in our shorts at the start of a ride and the compressed pad in the same shorts an hour into that ride). Since the saddle's going lower for longer cranks the pads have to go lower too to maintain the same drop. The drop and the PadY are sort of the same thing or at least the movement of one number informs the others. Pad X stays pretty much the same.


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