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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [julp11]
I am looking to get a speedmax CF 8.0, however the fit confused me a bit. Their online size recommendation says I should go for S size (height: 176cm, Inseam: 82cm) but "To achieve our recommended seat height, you would need to go below the minimum extension limit of the bike’s seatpost." Seems playing with 1cm flips me between M and S.

My fit report (from retul):
Arm Pad Reach: 437mm (tip of saddle to back of arm pad)
Arm Pad Drop: -47mm (center of saddle to arm pad top)
Arm Pad Stack BB: 683mm (BB vertical to top of arm pad)
Arm Pad Reach BB: 411mm (BB horizontal to pack of pad)


Thanks for writing. I'm here to reduce (end?) the confusion.
If you're Pad Stack is 683 and your Pad Reach (to center of arm pad) is 487 then you are absolutely a Medium. You can't get to either of those numbers with a small. Now, what's your seat height because it seems like the medium will end any hesitation over seat height.


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