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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [WiseCPA]
Pad X - 480
Pad Y - 655 (both to centre of pad)
Height 178 cm
Inseam 85cm
Current crank length 165mm

Looking at the Speedmax CF 7.0

You are dead center perfect on a size Medium of the CF 7.0. That bike comes stock with an 80mm stem that is just right for you and you can confirm the pads are bolted dead center (I think it's built with screws in those holes). You are also almost exactly in the mid range of the Pad Y so you'll probably only need spacers under the stem and none under the aerobars (but they'll be there anyway if you want to tweak your position).

I want to you buy this bike, ride this bike, love this bike....I'm going to warn you about something and I don't want it to create a hesitation in your purchase (because you can't find a brand new, sexy tri bike for $2,500 - this is the only one). The cranks that show up on you bike might be 175s and you should remove those before you take one pedal circle, before you screw your pedals in. Pull 'em and install your old 165s or get new 165s with power built in but pull those 175s and sell 'em as "never ridden".


Ian Murray
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