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Re: Wheelscience / Elemental [Plissken74]
[$400 wheels for $1000][/quote]

You obviously have no idea about these wheels or what the hell you're talking about mate!

I've won 11 UltraCycling World Titles on them, 5 European Titles, over a dozen World Records, and 3 Solo Race Across Americas on them. In total I've raced about 100,000 miles on them and never even had a spoke break!

The same can't be said for Zipp, HED or Corima that I used before that!

Do you even have any or tried any, or are you just talking crap about something you know nothing about??

I suspect the latter!!!


4 Time Solo RAAM Finisher and Jure Robic Award Winner
11 Time WUCA Champion and UltraCyclist of Distinction
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