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Re: Official Speed Concept Owners Thread [Mitch@Trek]
When my local dealer pulls up 437029, he's getting the plastic arm cups. I need the metal brackets that the cups bolt to for the Gen1.

Mitch@Trek wrote:
TH3_FRB wrote:
No, I need the brackets and clamps. I had to drill them both out due to the bolts being seized and eventually snapping off the heads. Thanks.

Mitch@Trek wrote:

Riser bolt kit: 420693 (comes with different length bolts to work with the spacers)
Extension clamp: 423509
Pad brackets: 437029 (replaced 420488)

So if you are just trying to replace the clamp bolts, just order kit # 420693

Thank you for clarifying. You'll want # 423509 and 420492 then. Stop into your local Trek dealer and they'll be able to order them in along with any other SC part![/quote]
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