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Re: Seefeld doping bust ensnairs Bahrain Merida, Triathlete Mag connects the dots to their triathlon team and Ironman [Sbernardi]
Both in TX and Kona the prince and his (what appear to be from this article- doping pro cyclists masquerading as bodyguards) engulfed me in the bike leg.... in Kona it was about 4 miles from the turn in Hawi and as they passed me they had a dozen or so AG in tow.... did not realize what was going on with all the motorcycles until one of the drafter says “it’s the prince jump on”. I did see a ref once they were about 1/4 mile up from me try to break it up a bit and hope she gave some cards out but don’t know for sure.

Did not really disrupt my race but was really bummed that this kind of shit is allowed by WTC... take his money and look the other way.

Worse per the article is he was allowed to switch from the Military division to XC for the win? That is tragic. Imagine how the XC athlete that won feels. I know people think this is a weak group of athletes but I know a couple of guys that have done Kona in XC and they put the work in too. Perhaps WTC also provided some recourse to the real XC winner?
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