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Re: Testosterone Pellets [chrisb12]
chrisb12 wrote:
Low T is not an illness, it is a symptom of aging and overtraining. Once your race is over ease up the training and watch your levels rise again. It's not like taking warfarin for a heart condition, it isn't essential. In fact, as we age we produce less T and women less oestrogen, it is what our bodies are meant to do, the symptoms we may not like, but they are natural, adding hormones could be a reason why we have so many other diseases now. Don't f... with nature.

It's a common idiom, but it would abolish the entirety of modern medicine, no?

But to your point, nothing is free, in that we'll never completely elucidate all off-target effects (aka side effects) and how those influence health by other mechanisms. For many disorders, it's worth the risk; for others it's not.


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