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Re: Testosterone Pellets [monty]
monty wrote:
I think at least "some" of that was that masters swimming wasn't really a thing until relatively recently. When I graduated in '93, I had never heard of masters swimming. So the talent pool is definitely deeper than it was back then. //

Well why would you hear about it, you were in college. When I was in college it wasn't a thing either, but in 93 me and all my swim buddies were fully involved in masters swimming. Of course it has grown in numbers since then, but I believe the total # of swimmers to do nationals has been pretty constant for awhile. In fact, there were less this year than last by a few. Like I said, there are tons of reasons for all this improvement, but are they all legit? Seems funny to me that the times got so much faster, not just for 10t, but the pointy end too, since the longevity revolution that began about 15 to 20 years ago.. You know that conversation that guy had with all his cycling buddies and them all admitting taking stuff, bet it would be similar with a group of 50+ something swimmers too...

I mean we have 65+ year olds going 4;30 in the 400IM. Does that seem possible in the real world??

I'm really talking about after I graduated, I kinda wanted to keep swimming but there weren't any real options then.

As for the 400IM times, you guys swim in a bathtub. What's that in a real pool? ;-)

edit - and I'm sure you're right about the prevalence of PED's in masters swimming. 'scuze me while I put my rose-coloured glasses back on....

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