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Re: Testosterone Pellets [rruff]
When guys in their 60s who have been racing for decades, are stronger than they've ever been... ya, that ain't right. ///

I have been noticing this for the past 20 years. I have been swimming in masters nationals off and on since I was 30. Now I'm in the 60+ and it is harder than it ever was in the younger age groups to hit top 10. Just for kicks, here are a couple events I swim, and the 10th place time it took to podium(score) in the 400IM and 200 breastroke. Pretty sure all the other events would have similar characteristcs. Some years there weren't even enough 60 year olds to fill out events.

So for sure there are many circumstances affecting these times, pools, suits, other technology that is outside of the human that got faster, but not sure it can account for all of these gains by the old dudes...

400IM. 200 Breastroke. 10th place times at spring nationals
2019-- 5;16. 2;42
2018--5;29. 2;41
2017--5;47. 2;49
2016--6;07. 3;03
2001--6;41. 3;15(8th, last place)
1995--6;06(only 4 finishers) 3;43(9th last place)
1990--6;37. 3;53(9th last place)

So not only are guys getting a lot faster, but more and more are able to just compete. 60+ is becoming one of the larger age groups, next to the ones just below it in the 50+...
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