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Re: Testosterone Pellets [Thomas Gerlach]
IGNORE the below. I stand corrected (read below to see the correcting). I do not want misinformation on here.

Also, if I get tested they will just think I live a rockstar lifestyle and have too much money. NOTHING I can enhances my performance in any area of life haha oops

Thomas Gerlach wrote:

Regardless of when they took them that doesn't mean they haven't cheated. Enhancements to fitness and endurance have a lasting effect. You can't just take a substance that it is banned inside competition and compete clean. Well you can, but you are still cheating. Maybe they won't get an OOC test but that doesn't excuse their behavior.

If it brings them to a normal range of T it isnt cheating. It is playing not at a disadvantage.

Now I have to disagree. The laws only say that it is illegal to race or compete while using PEDs. Nowhere does it say it is illegal to train on PEDs. Is it morally ethical? eh depends on what your morals are. I don't want man tits or other side effects so I will stick to light beer as my PED haha
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