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Re: End Game [bluemonkeytri]
When you know who used you know what,........

That seen was incredible.

When I watched it the second time i (obviously) knew what was going to happen, but most of the audience didn't. That was a big scene. The other was when Black Panther walked out of the Dr Strange portal. What made that scene especially great was that the music went completely silent and they really took their time coming through. What made it special was that you were expecting Dr Strange, but then got the Black Panther, and then you realized that ALL of the Marvel heroes were coming back.

I was really impressed with the whole movie. A little campy, but the writing was really good. Essentially three movies in one: dark, depressing post apocalypse, followed by a heist movie, followed by an epic sci fi battle. Lots of good comedy as well. Oh, and a really good way to recap the previous movies by having them go back to those movies.

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